Ian Mather has been a journalist for 48 years, most of the time as a foreign and defence correspondent for national newspapers. He is now an author, a freelance journalist and an international election monitor. He is married with three grown-up children and lives in Muswell Hill, London.  
  Ian Mather’s career as a newspaper correspondent covered many of the conflicts of the late-Twentieth century. From hot wars, such as Vietnam, to the Arctic wastes of the Cold War, he witnessed major events first-hand. This is his story, as recollected from the unique resource of hundreds of notebooks he kept during his career, which included many years as Defence Correspondent for The Observer. Since journalism is the first draft of history, and notebooks are its raw material, they are, therefore, historical documents, and often unique.Volume Two has just been published, and he has also written a separate account of his time in an Argentinian prison, and his subsequent return to Argentina.  
  Hot War, Cold War
Volume One
Hot War, Cold War
Volume Two
For You The War Is Over
Imprisionment in Argentina, and the subsequent return.
    Hot War, Cold War Volume Two covers his experiences in the Iran-Iraq war, the longest war of the 20th century, his exclusive reporting of the US embassy hostage crisis in Iran and an encounter with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. He is also in war-torn Lebanon, where a close friend is murdered, and in Africa to witness war and dictatorship. As the Cold War intensifies, he travels in a nuclear bomber and in submarines, goes inside missile silos and nuclear test sites, and as a prisoner of Argentina on espionage charges during the Falklands War, becomes part of the story.
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  Chapter 1 The Iran Hostage Crises  
  2 Ayatollah Khomeni: A visit to his birthplace  
  3 The ‘Devil’s Festival’ in Persepolis  
  4 A gruesome coup in Liberia  
  5 The Music of Chad   
  6 A Dictator Who Made Idi Amin ‘Look Like a Vicar’  
  7 Israel and the West Bank:  An Eye for an Eye   
  8 A Flight on a B-52 Bomber  
  9 A Meeting with Saddam Hussein  
  10 With Iraqi Forces Outside Abadan  
  11 Inside Abadan With Iranian Forces  
  12 An Assault on a Country and the Murder of a Friend  
  13 Warriors of the Deep  
  14 The Iran-Iraq War Goes On : and Israel Strikes   
  15 The Year of Three Winters: Imprisionment in Argentina  
    16 Testing The Atomic Bomb the American Way  
    17 Testing the Atomic Bomb the Soviet Way  
    18 An Electronic Hadrain’s Wall in the High Arctic   
    19 Common Sense in a Cold Climate